The Year of the Metal Rat – Chinese New Year 2020

It’s a time to be brave, step forward and begin to do the behind the scene work for this next 12 year cycle. Be frugal with money and energy. Take care to have plenty of downtime as the Rat years can be fast paced. Tips to get through this energetic year....

A Fresh Start to 2020

Before you begin to dive into the Home Within, create a cozy environment within your home to do your soul work. Tips for creating a "Soulful Home"....

Creating a Home for Winters’ Holidays!

Let 's find our most festive, colorful holiday attitude and make a splash as we join in the celebration of the year of 2019 ending with these Holiday Feng Shui and Winter Solstice decorating tips to make your home cozy and warm during these cold winter days. ...

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