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Post By: Katherine Allen

How to Create Soulful Outdoor and Garden Spaces

Whether you are an experienced gardener or a weekend patio grower the time is fast approaching to incorporate new ideas to your garden. Local yard and garden centers are filled with new and unusual choices awaiting your imagination. You can find art for the garden in a variety of yard decorations. Statues along with many other items like birdbaths, chimes, bells, candles, whirligigs, flags, water gardens, and much, more.

Join a Wise Woman Sacred Circle Group (May 2018)

Wise Women Sacred Circle will meet for once a week for four (4) weeks. Each sacred circle will involve; ceremony, guided meditation(s), sacred art/activities, and group sharing along with several of Katherine’s soul tips/tools/strategies from her own personal spiritual toolbox. Find out about hosting your own and check back frequently for new Circles starting.

Bursting into Spring Harmony Tips

Spring is officially here on March 20, 2018. Regardless of where you are on this planet the energy shift is significant and by taking a brief time to check in and tune in we can align ourselves to this beautiful natural rhythm of this season.

Bringing Light Into The Darkness

In light of another school shooting I am repeating my article about how creating thriving environments for our children is one of many action steps that can be taken in the possible prevention of these kinds of things in our society. I send blessings for all who are in need of comfort and peace at this time.

A Home with a Heart

Are you living with a household that is driven by ego? Our egos are necessary and important but never meant to act as our controller. We are so busy attempting to serve our ego’s needs instead of our deeper purpose.

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