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Post By: Katherine Allen

Winter Solstice – Return to the Light

During this time of shorter days and colder nights is Mother Nature’s celebration of the return of the light called, Winter Solstice. This occurs on December 21, 2018. It is the end of a 6 month journey that Mother Earth takes announcing the arrival of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

My Lavender Dreams

As I incorporate these bits and pieces of my daydream into my life, I am feeling lighter and brighter. That is the power of daydreams; when you bring them into your life. They strengthen your commitment to live your best life and create a richly soulful life and home.

Mother’s Day- Honoring the Divine Mother

What is this energy? The energy of the Divine Mother Feminine is a unique and natural experience that women bring to the world also from the feminine side of the male as well. Unique in that the feminine energy is interested in nourishing what sustains life and natural in that we are born automatically plugged into being connected to others.

How to Create Soulful Outdoor and Garden Spaces

Whether you are an experienced gardener or a weekend patio grower the time is fast approaching to incorporate new ideas to your garden. Local yard and garden centers are filled with new and unusual choices awaiting your imagination. You can find art for the garden in a variety of yard decorations. Statues along with many other items like birdbaths, chimes, bells, candles, whirligigs, flags, water gardens, and much, more.

Join a Wise Woman Sacred Circle Group (May 2018)

Wise Women Sacred Circle will meet for once a week for four (4) weeks. Each sacred circle will involve; ceremony, guided meditation(s), sacred art/activities, and group sharing along with several of Katherine’s soul tips/tools/strategies from her own personal spiritual toolbox. Find out about hosting your own and check back frequently for new Circles starting.

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