Harmonious Living Now helps create environments that reflect your essence and define your intention with a fresh and new approach. After decades of helping clients access their best life, Katherine Allen offers both Feng Shui design along with her signature 5 step system in lifestyle coaching which will maximize your Feng Shui harmony. The aim is to bring function, comfort and beauty within your home or business environment and into your daily life. Our goal is to offer you affirming and inspired information with practical tools that sustain a fulfilling, spiritually rich way of being; opening doors to greater energy, happiness, health as you gently unlock your full potential.


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I am an author, speaker, holistic Feng Shui interior designer and lifestyle coach. I believe that we were born to unlock our potential and that our environment plays a pivotal role in that pursuit. I have been on a transformation and healing path all my life to live in harmony, peace, success, and happiness. It is my privilege to share inspired information that has awakened and continues to sustain my personal harmonious lifestyle. I know that my services will help do the same for you.


Katherine Allen


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Power of Place Feng Shui for Home/Business
Power of Mindset Life Design
Intuitive Card Readings-Spiritual Guidance
Design your own optimal eco-system for flourishing in your home or your business. Raise the vibration of your life by integrating Feng Shui’s power of place with Life Design coaching. Gain clarity, guidance, and insight about your most pressing life concerns.
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    • Katherine has been a part of my life for many years. Katherine meets you where you are in your life and gently offers possibilities to move in healthy directions in every area of your life if you are looking for that.

    • Katherine has incredible insights and awareness’s that are rare and very helpful. She is much grounded and has well developed skills in a multitude of areas.

    • Each experience with her will be rich and rewarding in the areas you ask for her guidance and wisdom.

    • She works with beauty and energy and flow and creates amazing results. She has also enriched my personal life, enhanced my understanding of my inner life and added to my wisdom and growth. Her soul coaching has been a very positive addition to her offerings. I am a happier, wiser and more aware person thanks to Katherine.